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Probability Versus Natural Origins

How likely is it for chemical processes to build the molecules used by life and then change them into all the different forms we see?  Do you think that enough time, 4 billion years perhaps, makes it probable, even inevitable?  Is such a possibility based on an examination of the probabilities involved or is it just a feeling? Wouldn’t someone who wanted to prove that natural origins were probable within a 4 billion-year time span want to demonstrate it by


Darwinist’s answer to irreducible complexity There is a story that goes something like this, After a lecture on the cosmos, an old woman approached the lecturer and said, “I’m sorry but your wrong about the earth orbiting the sun and the sun being part of a galaxy, the earth is actually sitting on the back of a giant turtle” The lecturer then asked, “Well, what’s the turtle standing on” “Another turtle.” She said. “And what’s that turtle standing on” “It’s