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An alleged Bible contradiction that actually proves the Bible internally consistent. Why present alleged contradictions in the Bible as amazing evidence for the Bible’s accuracy? For one, proof of the Bibles accuracy comes from the fact that it stands up to the critic’s accusations. Let’s say you are examining a bulletproof vest. How do you test the claim that it’s bulletproof? You shoot at it. The critics provide endless ammunition to test the Bible for accuracy. They shoot lots of


One of the things that sets the Bible apart from all other collections of writings is prophecy. The Bible often tells a story that took place in real time. Kings and sojourners wrote of their lives and their journeys as they related to God, but always, in every account is the promise of things to come. Prophecy is central to the message of the Bible. Prophecy is a strong evidence of the divine origin and inspiration of the books in


This is one of the most amazing prophecies in the Bible. It predicted the very day that Jesus was declared to be “Messiah the King.” There are two basic interpretations, both agree that it predicts the time of Jesus’ first coming, the Futurist interpretation states that the prophecy is yet to be completed, but the Fulfilled interpretation believes that it was completely fulfilled within a few years of Jesus’ life on earth. Aspects of both interpretations will be examined, but